In response to another devastating accident on IL Rte. 24 and Cameron Lane on October 12th—this time involving a young mother and her toddler, which resulted in the mother’s loss of life—State Representative Mike Unes organized a meeting with officials from both the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and the Illinois State Police (ISP).  The result of that meeting was a thorough review of the intersection, and a determination by IDOT’s Safety Committee that the intersection warrants traffic lights.

“I’ve represented this area in the 91st District for seven years now, and throughout my tenure there have been many accidents and close-calls at this particular intersection. I share the belief of many residents of this area that something needs to be done to improve the safety along this portion of Rte. 24, and after last month’s fatal accident, I wasn't going to allow another day go by without acting,”  said Rep. Mike Unes.

After meeting with the Hollis Township Road Commissioner, Representative Unes immediately called into town Assistant IDOT Secretary Rich Brauer, as well as a representative from the ISP to thoroughly assess the intersection and discuss solutions for improving its safety.

Further review of the crash and traffic data near the intersection determined that the installation of traffic signals would provide the best remedy based upon current IDOT standards.  According to the IDOT Safety Committee, the increasing volume of traffic, particularly truck traffic, along this route is a major factor warranting this safety improvement.