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Advocates making Research & Development Tax Credit Permanent

Springfield, IL ... State Representative Mike Unes (R-East Peoria) led the charge on Thursday to make the Illinois Research & Development Tax Credit permanent, ending the unnecessarily turbulent past of this important job creation credit.

HB 395, Unes’ bill to make the Research & Development Tax Credit permanent, was the subject matter of a hearing in the House Revenue & Finance Committee on Thursday morning.  The R&D Tax Credit was created in Illinois in 1990 with the purpose of increasing research and development in the state.  Since that time it has expired and been later renewed several times.  The credit is set to expire again in 2015.  Making the credit permanent will provide predictability for high tech businesses.

“Our state has many wonderful high-tech and specialized manufacturing businesses.  What these companies need now is certainty.  Caterpillar invested over $2 billion in 2014 in R&D, much of it done at the Mossville Tech Center.  However, there is no certainty or predictability for this credit.  Renewing this permanently will provide the predictability needed,” said Rep. Unes before the Committee.  “An attractive and stable R&D tax credit will retain and create high-paid jobs in Illinois.”

Illinois Manufacturers’ Association Director Mark Denzler testified in support of the credit, saying, “R&D is the lifeblood of manufacturing.  Average salaries in manufacturing are about $64,000/ year, but R&D jobs average a salary of around $94,000/year.  This is vastly important to the manufacturing sector.”

“It is critical to Illinois businesses to provide permanence to the R&D Tax Credit,” testified Keith Staats on behalf of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce Tax Institute.  He went on to say that the turbulent nature of this credit, “enters into the decisions of businesses.  We have fallen to the back of the pack by not modernizing this credit.”

Rep. Unes has been a consistent advocate of making the Research & Development Tax Credit permanent.  “It’s as simple as this- this credit is a job-creator and retainer for our state,” summarized Rep. Unes.  If not renewed or made permanent, the R&D Tax Credit is scheduled to expire at the end of 2015. 

For more information on this or any other state issues, contact Rep. Unes’ Pekin District Office at 309-620-8631.


Springfield, IL...Again recognizing his strong work ethic, House Minority Leader Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs) has asked Rep. Mike Unes to serve in two additional roles as the General Assembly’s Spring Session grinds into gear.  Rep. Mike Unes was appointed to the bi-partisan, bi-cameral Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability as well as being appointed the new Minority Spokesman of the Tourism & Conventions Committee.

These appointments bring Rep. Unes’ count to nine committees for the 99th General Assembly, one of the largest workloads of any legislator serving in the House.

“I am excited to continue to represent the minority voice on these important committees,” said Rep. Unes from Springfield on Wednesday.  “These committee’s work is important to Central Illinois, especially as we continue to better position Central Illinois to continue to grow its convention and tourism industries.” 

Don Welch, President/CEO of the Peoria Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, touted Unes’ selection as Minority Spokesman of the House Tourism & Conventions Committee as a positive for our regional economy.  “Rep. Unes has already played such a prominent role in advancing for the tourism & convention industry in his previous service on this committee.  I have no doubt Rep. Unes will hit the ground running and continue to make progress toward growing this industry in our state.”

Unes is also looking forward to joining House Republican colleagues Rep. Don Moffitt (R-Galesburg) and Rep. Raymond Poe (R-Springfield) in serving as Leader Durkin’s appointees on the bipartisan, bicameral Commission of Government Forecasting and Accountability (COGFA).  The Commission is mandated to report to the Illinois General Assembly on economic trends in relation to long-range planning and budgeting; and to study and make such recommendations as it deems appropriate on local and regional economic and fiscal policies and on federal fiscal policy as it may affect Illinois.

For more information on Unes’ committee assignments or any other state issues, contact Rep. Unes’ Pekin District Office at 309-620-8631.


Peoria, IL...State Representative Mike Unes (R-East Peoria) joined in a chorus of community leaders and state business leaders in lauding Caterpillar’s announcement to build and expand their new world headquarters corporate campus in Downtown Peoria on Friday.

The decision to build their new headquarters was announced on Friday at the Caterpillar Visitor’s Center by Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman before a crowd of federal, state and local dignitaries and leaders.  Caterpillar’s new corporate campus will be built in a largely expanded footprint extending several blocks around Caterpillar’ current headquarters.  The plan is for a new three tower building on a downtown campus that will be over 31 acres of Downtown Peoria along the Illinois River.

“We’re here in Peoria to stay.  Our long-term future is here,” said Caterpillar Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman in announcing the new headquarters campus.

“This is the biggest economic development project in Central Illinois in my lifetime,” said Rep. Unes from Downtown Peoria on Friday.  “Caterpillar has re-committed itself to our region and the economic development implications will be long-lasting and far reaching,” Rep. Unes continued.

“Our whole region is deeply appreciative of Caterpillar’s commitment to Central Illinois, where the company’s roots run so deep and are so intertwined with the lives and livelihoods of area families.  This is not only a bright day for our region’s future, but also a very fitting tribute to those workers who spent their lives’ work dedicated to growing the heavy equipment tractor company,” said Rep. Unes.

For more information on this or any other state issues, contact Rep. Unes’ Pekin District Office at 309-620-8631.